May the Fourth Be With You!

I found this amazing video on Vimeo the other day and I wanted to share it with all of you. I know it’s not Rome themed, but it’s Star Wars day!

I also wanted to say something about our beloved walking carpet. Thank you for all you have done for the world, Peter. Through your acting, charity work and overall kindness, you made the world a better place. You were a blessing to all of us and we will always remember you. Thank you, Chewie.


Another Update

I’ve been really busy again. Oops? But I got a new job and am working on my short stories over there. I got 2/3 done. It’s going to be a collection of 3 and this last one is a pain to write. Because it is. The characters aren’t going what I want them to do. But I will figure it out.

As for Rome, I want to re-read Suetonius for my stories and finally post the Roman Villa Episode script. Because it’s for fun and it doesn’t have to be perfect. Anyways, I am not the best at script writing, but it is just a concept piece.

These are things you can expect later this week. 😀

Thanks for reading,


Glad I Went to WordPress!

I just got flagged for the weirdest post! (Curse you, Tumblr!!)

Tumblr is stupid

WHY the HELL was this post flagged. NOW, I can’t even SEE the post. I’m angry, but also happy I have gone to wordpress. Maybe it’s because the tags had ‘mature’ in it. But this isn’t.

The post content was:

‘How is Caligula in Rick’s Universe Nero’s Grand-uncle? I am confused here. Because in history, Caligula is just Nero’s plain ‘ol (not so sane) uncle.’

Anyways, I will post more tomorrow.



Things I Need to Read

Or at least, finish reading. I am sorry it’s taken so long for me to get back to all of you and I have a LOT of Roman Reading to do. I still need to finish:

  • Tacitus’ Annals
  • Plutarch’s accounts of Galba and Otho

And also re-read Suetonius’ work. Because it’s been awhile. Too long, actually. I need it for story research anyways. Speaking of, I am going to be working on my main story this month and have been debating putting it out as a ‘web series’ book. Aka, get a blog for it and post it weekly. Has any one else had any success with this method? Aside from the Martian?

Anyways, I need to read the above works and continue my epic commentary! I am excited to write more about the Julio-Claudians and my favourite war. 😀